In order to carry out all the projects that Kiwanis is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Name Chairs Description
Board of Directors
Grodin, Mary
Board the oversees the operation of the Kiwanis Club of San Leandro
Bulletin Editor
Neumann, Terri
Lee-Fegueroa, Kayrl
This committee will write and publish a weekly bulletin that chronicles our regular club meetings. The bulletin serves as the primary tool to community with our members who are unable to attend the regular meetings. The bulletin also includes a calendar of upcoming events.
Club Foundation
Krug, Rodney
This committee oversees the club's 501 c3 foundation. The committee organizes various foundation fundraisers throughout the year.
Community Service
Bagner, Vonnah
This committee is the clubs primary liaison with the community to provide service. The committee looks for service opportunities and reviews request for support services from other charitable groups for service organizations
Fahrbach, Bob
Newacheck, Dave
Organize member visits to other Kiwanis Clubs in Division 2 and Region 9
Sangiacomo, Dom
This committee works to increase membership by hosting special events, distribution on information about the club and their role in our community. The committee is also responsible for the orientation of new members and the retention of current members.
President's Advisor
Neumann, Terri
This one person committee acts as adviser to the current President.
Program Chair
Deadrich, Henry
This committee is chaired by the current Vice President of the Club. This position is responsible for the scheduling of programs for our regular meetings.
Project Eliminate
Sangiacomo, Patrick
Monitor the clubs progress towards meeting the commitment as a Model Club.
Public Relations
Quigley, Patricia
Hitzfeld, Vicki
This committee submits articles for publication into local news about club events, fundraisers and general news of club activities.
Service Leadership Program
Pennebaker, Chad
This committee provides liaison between our club and our sponsored Key Clubs. This committee selects members to serve as Kiwanis Advisers to our Key Clubs and provide general oversight.
Ways and Means
Coleman, Dorene
This committee is responsible for the clubs fundraising activities. This chair is usually the President Elect.
Youth Services
Pollack, Lew
This committee will oversee all club activities and service projects in regards to youth safety and well being.